Destinex Education is the leading MBBS Abroad Consultancy in Hyderabad that provides helps the students in taking admission in MBBS abroad at a reasonable fee. We aim to enable students to get admission in appropriate accredited universities globally.
Study in Abroad Consultancy provides all the essential information to the students on existing options of MBBS abroad so as to assist them to make wise decisions. Our expertise in the field of overseas education consultancy assists students to take admission for suitable courses in recognized universities in several counties such as the USA, Germany, Canada, France, Philippines, Armenia, and many more.

Why MBBS in Abroad

Every year, more than 20,000 Indian students pursue MBBS in foreign countries. There are various advantages of studying MBBS abroad that are as follows:

  • Medical Education in the Philippines, USA, Germany, Canada, France, Armenia, and many more are valued worldwide.
  • The WHO, MCI, and other International Boards have recognized the medical colleges in these countries.
  • All these countries have English as the medium of instruction.
  • MBBS colleges/universities have experienced faculty to impart high-quality medical education.
  • Most of the medical colleges/universities admit Indian students without an MBBS entrance exam. Some reputed medical universities conduct MBBS entrance exams which are also applicable for Indian students.
  • After completing the MBBS abroad, the students from top medical colleges/universities are able to clear the MCI screening test easily.
  • The course fee for MBBS in these countries is affordable and low as compared to India.
  • The cost of living in these countries is affordable and the students also get Indian food.
  • The medical universities in these countries have excellent infrastructure with state-of-the-art amenities.

Top Destination for MBBS in Abroad

Nowadays, Indian students have several options to take and pursue 2020 MBBS admission in abroad at an affordable fee. Following are the few top destinations where students can study MBBS in abroad:

  • MBBS in Philippines
  • MBBS in Armenia
  • MBBS in Russia
  • MBBS in Kazakhstan
  • MBBS in USA
  • MBBS in Germany
  • MBBS in Ukraine
  • MBBS in Belize
  • MBBS in Armenia
  • MBBS in France

Advantages of Overseas Education Consultancy

  • MBBS Abroad Consultancy in Hyderabad provides students the best MBBS college/university in Abroad as we have a direct tie-up with the top Universities.
  • Overseas Education Consultancy assists students in the entire visa processing right from filling up of visa application form, providing guidance, and conducting mock interviews for 2020 admissions in Universities Abroad.
  • We assist students to select the best destination to study abroad.
  • Overseas Education Consultancy provides guidance to students to pursue MBBS abroad at a low and reasonable cost without any donation
  • We assist students with the preparation of USMLE entrance test for PG in the USA

Education Counselor for MBBS Abroad

MBBS Abroad Consultancy in Hyderabad has a professional team of Education Counselors that provide information and assistance to the students to select the best university for their career.

Study in Abroad Consultancy recommends the right program and the best university according to the academic scores, financial profile, future career plans, and many more.

We take care of everything right from application to arrival to graduation such as getting admission, visa, travel arrangements, forex, and many more.

Every student has his/her own certain requirements and aspirations, so our services are fully exclusive and made to suit the students personally. Our study visa immigration services are fast and smooth.

The Education Counselors of Study in Abroad Consultancy helps the students to choose the best country, medical university, course, fee structure, check eligibility, and many more.

Affordable Private Medical College in Abroad

  • Angeles University Foundation
  • Kazakh National Medical University
  • AMA School of Medicine
  • Angeles University Foundation
  • Mordovia State University
  • Ulyanovsk State University
  • Kazan State Medical University
  • Al-Farabi Kazakh National Medical University
  • Kazakhstan-Russian Medical University
  • South Kazakhstan Medical University

Best university for MBBS in abroad

Many universities for MBBS in abroad provide a high-quality medical education at a very reasonable cost. Some of these are as follow:

Belgorod National Research University
Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University
East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine
Stavropol State Medical University
International School of Medicine
University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Bashkir State Medical University
Osh State Medical University
Baylor College of Medicine
The Orenburg State Medical University
Mordovia State University
University of M√ľnster
Asian Medical Institute
Northern State University
Lubeck Medical University