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Course Introduction

Germany is an economically stable country & has immense transactions with other developing countries. Most of the people want to learn German language because it upgrades the skills in one of the widely spoken foreign languages in Europe. The German language is a prospering course because various German universities provide high-quality education at no tuition fee and there are a lot of job opportunities in Germany.

If you wish to study in the best Germany University or do a job in Germany, it is necessary to learn German language. You can learn Germany language online and the structure of German language course is designed in a simple and efficient manner that makes it easier for you to learn in German language as a Foreign Language.

Why German Language?

  • It is necessary that you should know the German language if you wish to go for internships and for jobs in Germany. So, learn Germany language online that may save your lot of time in Germany.
  • Germany is one of the best destinations for Indian students to study. Every year, thousands of students apply for German Universities but if you know the German Language, you will have an edge over other students. Learning German language till B1 will improve your chances of getting admission in Germany Universities.
  • The students that know the German language can start part-time jobs as soon as they reach and settle down in Germany.
  • The students that have a low academic background or with few years of gap after education can also increase their visa success rate if they know the German language.
  • If you are traveling to Germany and know the German Language, you can easily interact with the people in Germany, can easily find address, understand signboard, and more.

Who will Learn German Language & Why it is important?

  • Students: If the students want to do Masters in English taught program & University is not asking for a German Language Certificate, they can learn Germany language till B1 level even though University is not asking for a German Language certificate.German language course assists the students to find part-time as well as full-time Job. If the students want to do Masters in English taught program & few electives are in the German Language, they can learn Germany language till B2 Level
  • Jobseeker Visa: If the candidate applies for job seeker visa, he/she needs to learn Germany language till B2 level
  • Dependent or Spouse visa: It is recommended to learn Germany language A1 & A2
  • Learning as a hobby: If the candidate wants to learn Germany language as his/her hobby, need to decide how many Levels he/she wants to study a German language course

Advantage of Learning German Language

  • The German language is one of the ten languages widely spoken in the world and also one of the largest spoken languages in the European Union.
  • Germany is considered as the second-largest exporter in the world.
  • It is the 2nd most widely used scientific language around the world
  • Germany is the world leader in Engineering.
  • Germany has the world-best Universities providing high-quality education.
  • Indian students can easily study and even do a part-time job in Germany because they know the German language
  • Job seekers such as nurses and many more from different fields can easily get jobs in Germany if they know the German language as there lots of great job opportunities provided by Germany.
The cost to study German language in India is approx 30,000 to 40,000
There are many best institutes in Bangalore that provide a German language course. You also have the option to learn German language online.
Learning German language will take approx 30 weeks or 750 hours for English speakers
German is basically difficult for English speakers because it has remained a highly inflected language rather like Latin.
It will depend on what’s your native language. German will be one of the easiest languages for you to learn if you are a native Dutch speaker
It depends on the level and duration of the German language course, approximately 30 weeks, or 750 classroom hours to learn German language.
Test DSH Certificate (Level II-III) is the top accepted certificate by the Germany higher education institutions, as proof of German language proficiency for admission in studies.
German language helps you to easily interact with the people living in Germany.
If you want to apply a long-term visa, you must have at least basic German skills. You need to provide one of the following tests: 1) A1 certificate. 2) A2 certificate 3) B1 certificate 4) B2 certificate
The cost to learn German in Bangalore is approx 25,000 to 30,000
The best way to learn Germany language is constantly listening to the German letters and sound and keeps practicing them regularly. You can try to read German Books and Articles to increase your vocabulary.