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IISA 2023 - The Year of Influence - Nation Building Carnival

2023 International Institute of Influencers & International LifeSkills Technologies


In the fast-paced and interconnected world of the 21st century, influence has become a driving force in shaping societies and cultures. The year 2023 is marked as the "Year of Influence," a transformative period where the International Institute of Influencers (III) and International LifeSkills Technologies (ILST) join hands to orchestrate an extraordinary event - a Nation Building Carnival with a paramount goal of building an influential premium community of influencers.

The Power of Influence: A Catalyst for Change

Influence has always been a potent force, but in the age of social media and digital connectivity, its impact has multiplied exponentially. Influencers, once confined to celebrity circles, now hold sway across various domains, from fashion and beauty to politics and social causes. They possess the ability to inspire, educate, and initiate change on a global scale.

The "Year of Influence" celebrates this power and aims to channel it towards a noble cause - Nation Building. It is not just about individuals amassing followers, but about harnessing their influence for the betterment of society and driving positive change.

A Nation Building Carnival: Where Ideas Transform into Actions

The Nation Building Carnival serves as a collaborative platform for influential minds to come together, brainstorm ideas, and strategize on how they can contribute to building a better nation and a better world. This carnival is not just a series of inspiring speeches; it's a call to action - an endeavor to convert knowledge into actions.

Through insightful seminars, workshops, and interactive sessions, attendees will learn how to leverage their influence to drive meaningful societal reforms. The event will foster the exchange of ideas, providing influencers with the tools and resources needed to create a lasting impact.

Building an Influential Premium Community of Influencers

Beyond the carnival, III and ILST aspire to create a dynamic and influential premium community of influencers who are committed to championing change. This community will serve as a collective force, collaborating on projects, and initiatives that tackle critical issues like education, healthcare, climate change, and social justice.

The focus is not just on popular influencers; it is about recognizing potential in every individual who can make a difference. The premium community will be diverse, spanning across various fields and backgrounds, united by their shared passion for effecting change.

Converting Knowledge into Actions: A Call to Action

In an era inundated with information, knowledge alone is not enough. The "Year of Influence" calls upon influencers to step beyond the realms of their online personas and translate their knowledge into tangible actions. By empowering their followers and mobilizing resources, they can drive real change and contribute to nation-building efforts.

Conclusion: Empowering Influence for a Better Tomorrow

The "Year of Influence" aspires to be a turning point, where influence is harnessed for a greater purpose. By building a premium community of influencers committed to nation-building, III and ILST seek to leave a lasting impact on society. Together, we can usher in a future where influence is a catalyst for positive change, and where ideas are transformed into actions that shape a better tomorrow.

Join us in this transformative journey as we embark on the "Year of Influence" - a year dedicated to empowering the change-makers of today for a brighter, more influential future.