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Belize is a country famous for affordable and quality medical education. Pursuing MBBS in Belize universities is truly a rewarding investment of time, finance and career acquisition. Belize is well known for the best medical universities.
MBBS in Belize has obtained an incredible position in the world because of high educational standards with modern teaching techniques and well-established infrastructure. Each Belize Medical University is recognized by the world’s major organizations such as WHO (World Health Organization) and MCI (Medical Council of India).
MBBS graduates can do a licensing exam conducted in the USA which is USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination) and easily get admission into residency program/postgraduate training in the United States. Belize is the only Central American nation where everyone communicates in English. Belize MBBS College fees would range anywhere between 20-25 Lakhs.

About Belize

Belize is absolutely fascinating country situated in Central America and bordered to the north by Mexico, to the south and west by Guatemala and to the east by the Caribbean Sea. Belize is a democratic, English and Spanish speaking country. It is a diverse country with several cultures and languages.
One of the nicest things about Belize is the weather as it has a tropical climate that comprises rainy and dry season. The dry seasons are January to May and rainy seasons are June to November. The average yearly temperature is 84° F (29°C) which is always warm and comfortable. The temperature in winter in Belize rarely falls below 60°F (16°C) and temperature in summer in Belize is around 86°F (30°C).

Why MBBS Study in Belize

Most Indian students have a dream of studying MBBS abroad so the Indian students can choose Belize for seeking MBBS because of the following reasons:

  • Belize provides a golden opportunity to study MBBS in Central American counties.
  • Belize is a preferred destination for medical studies due to easy admission procedure and no entrance test at the majority of Belize medical universities.
  • Belize has a US-based syllabus in the MBBS course and the medium of coaching is English.
  • The fee structure for taking MBBS admission in Belize is affordable.
  • Advanced teaching techniques and scientific approaches with outstanding facilities equipped with the well-established infrastructure
  • The MBBS degree acquired from any medical colleges in Belize is valid and these degrees are approved by the Medical Council of India.
  • The students can easily get a job in India and even around the world after completing MBBS in Belize from any medical college.
  • The classrooms of Belize MBBS colleges are practically oriented which increases the interests of the students in the subject.
  • The MBBS fees structure of each Belize MBBS College is less than Indian Medical Colleges.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Belize

  • There is no requirement to appear for the entrance test in Belize Medical University.
  • Each Belize MBBS College and the university are recognized by the MCI and WHO.
  • There is no requirement to pay the capitalization fee in Belize MBBS Colleges.
  • The students who study MBBS in Belize would have a wide exposure to clinical practice.
  • The cost of living and the tuition fee of Belize MBBS Colleges is quite low and affordable for Indian students.
  • The MBBS colleges in Belize follow the medium of the English language.
  • Excellent hostel accommodations provided by the university.
  • The MBBS degree provided by Belize MBBS colleges is renowned globally and has great value.
  • The students have the opportunity to work in government hospitals after completing their course of MBBS in Belize.

Top Universities for MBBS in Belize Central America

  • Central America Health Sciences University
  • Columbus Central University School of Medicine
  • Washington University of Health & Science

Requirements for MBBS Admission in Belize 2023 - 2024

Belize is one of the most preferred destinations for Indian students to study MBBS in Belize but they need to fulfill some requirements such as:

  • The students should have aggregate 50% marks in physics, chemistry, and biology in the 12th standard.
  • The students should have English subject in their higher secondary.
  • The students should be at least 17 years of age on or before 31st December of the admission year.
  • The students need to qualify for the NEET entrance examination conducted by the (NTA) National Testing Agency.
  • The students must not be more than 25 years of age.

Visa Procedure for MBBS in Belize

The students who want to study MBBS in Belize need a student visa. Therefore, the required documents for getting the Belize Student’s Visa are as follows:

  • Original and photocopies of Passport.
  • Original and one photocopy of mark sheets of both 10th & 12th standard.
  • Leaving certificate from the previous studying college.
  • A medical checkup certificate is also essential
  • Passport size photographs
  • Birth certificate and other mandatory certificates must be submitted to the concerned authority.
  • The students must clear the National Medical Admission Test.
  • A code of conduct certificate must be submitted.
  • The students must fill the online admission form with their accurate details
  • A bank statement of the guardian should be submitted which should include the fee structure of the 1st year of the education.

MBBS in Belize Advice for Indian Students

Following is the important information for Indian students in the process of studying MBBS in Belize:

  • MBBS admission in Belize happens generally in August to September.
  • The Indian Students are advised to apply in the Belize Medical College within the time
  • The students will receive a letter of acceptance and an acknowledgment of admission within four weeks of receiving the complete application file.
  • VISA approval takes around 1 month to get sanctioned.

Pro & Cons of Studying MBBS in Belize

There are a lot of advantages and very few disadvantages to studying MBBS in Belize.

  • Pro of studying in Belize
    • No Entrance test is needed to study MBBS in Belize
    • No requirement of capitalization fee and donation.
    • Each Belize MBBS College is recognized by the MCI (medical council of India).
    • Huge range of opportunities and great exposure to clinical practice because of highly equipped multi-profile hospitals.
    • The tuition fee is quite low and affordable in Belize Medical University.
    • The cost of living for Indian students is quite low too.
    • The coaching of MBBS in Belize is conducted in the English language.
    • Belize MBBS colleges offer great academics as well as sports.
    • The MBBS degree that Indian students receive from Belize colleges is globally renowned.
    • Government hospitals in Belize provide practical training to medical students.
  • Cons of studying in Belize
    • The students must be careful while choosing the right education consultancy.
    • The climate conditions in Belize often become problematic for some students to adjust well.
The total duration of the MBBS in Belize is 5 years.
The career options for an Indian student doing an MBBS in Belize are: 1) Medical Degrees get from Belize MBBS Colleges or Universities have worldwide recognition. 2) Practice as a doctor in your own country after completing the legal procedure. 3) MBBS graduates can do licensing exam conducted in the USA which is USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination)
Yes, pursuing MBBS in Belize universities is truly a rewarding investment of time, finance and career acquisition. Belize is a nation that is well known for quality and affordable medical education. Moreover, Belize has one of the best Medical Universities.
Almost every college in Belize provides the best education to Indian students. The best MBBS College in Belize for Indian Students is the Central America Health Sciences University (CAHSU).
It would range anywhere between 20-25 Lakhs.
The students need to qualify for the NEET exam conducted by the National Testing Agency.