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How can I study MBBS in Germany?

Germany is one of the best destinations to pursue MBBS at reasonable cost. Most students wish to study MBBS in Germany because it provides the best and the most affordable education options for international students. Germany has most of the top MCI approved medical universities/colleges. German medical colleges/universities offer high-quality medical education that provides Indian students a good exposure.

The best thing to study MBBS in Germany is that some medical universities in Germany allocate free education for international students. There is no requirement to give any entrance exam to study MBBS in Germany. The total duration of the MBBS in Germany with the best medical universities is 7.5 Years that includes internship with stipends. After completing MBBS in Germany, the candidates become eligible for permanent residence certificate.

Requirements to study MBBS in Germany

To study MBBS in Germany, the students need to show an excellent level of knowledge from a wide variety of topics and subjects related to medicine. MBBS in Germany are highly intense courses that include around 20 to 30 hours of compulsory classes within a week, regular examinations and also cover an extensive range of topics. The requirements to study MBBS in Germany may vary according to several factors such as the selected university or the federal state where that university is located.

The students need the following documents to study MBBS in Germany:

  • The students need a high school certificate which is recognized as equivalent to German qualifications if they are a citizen of a non-EU and non-EEA country.
  • They must have higher grades in particular subjects related to medicine such as chemistry and biology.
  • They need German language proficiency certificate as all MBBS degree courses in Germany are taught in German. There are various standardized German language tests that students can obtain such as:
    • TestDaf or Deutsch als Fremdsprache.
    • Most German medical universities need a Level 4 in all TestDaf sections.
    • Other German proficiency tests accepted at German medical colleges are Deutsche Sprachprufung fur den Hochschulzugang (DSH), Geothe Certificate, Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom (KDS), Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom (GDS)
  • They need additional examination tests as some German medical colleges may also need that the students may undergo certain examination tests in order to precisely evaluate their strengthen point at particular study areas and their suitability for their MBBS course.
  • They then fill the application form available at the website of their chosen university


German medical universities provide MBBS education at no tuition fees but there are still some administrative fees that students need to pay. The admission procedure to study MBBS in Germany is quite hard as compared to other countries because of the requirement of German language proficiency certificate. The students can learn German language from New-Lyf which enables the students to learn German language at affordable cost.