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Nursing Jobs in Germany for Indian Nurses

Germany is one of the best destination for Indian workers especially nurses as there is huge demand for nurses in Germany. There are more than 250000 nursing jobs in Germany as per the Department of Labor and Employment.

About Nursing Opportunity for Indian Nurses in Germany

There is a high demand for qualified nurses in Germany so there is a number of nursing jobs in Germany hospital. Some people do not opt for staff nurse jobs in Germany because of the language barrier. In Germany, the German is their speaking language and nursing practice is conducted in the German language only in the hospitals and other health care centers.

But New-Lyf assists you with the process of learning the online German language. When you complete the online German language course and get experience in your field, you can apply for the post of nursing jobs in Germany for Indian nurses.

As professional credentials and other qualifications need to be get assessed in Germany then you will get an adaptation trying offer and confirmation, so it is necessary to learn the German language up to B2 Level to qualify for a license to practice as a staff nurse jobs in Germany. Your proficiency level must be good enough so that you can communicate effectively in a hospital, with the patients, doctors & surgeons, nursing heads, co-working nurses, assistants, and many more.

How to get nursing jobs in Germany?

You need to fulfill the following requirements for doing nursing jobs in Germany:

  • You must hold a degree of GNM which is a Diploma in Nursing with a six-month internship and at least 3 to 4 years of experience.
  • Both male nurses and female nurses can apply for nursing jobs in Germany if they have at least 1.5 to 2-year experience with the qualification of B.SC, POST B.SC, and M.SC.
  • If you want to do a job in the hospital, you should have at least 1 to 2 years in pediatric nursing.
  • You must know A1 –B2 German Language.
  • You must know the B1 level of the German language for an interview.

Why Germany preferred Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses can apply for nursing jobs in Germany easily because Germany prefers Registered Nurses. The candidates who hold a degree of B.Sc graduate nurses or Diploma nurses or a Post B.Sc or any top-up degree with at least 3 years of the nursing course and have an official recognition as nurses in their home country are given below three options to choose from to finally qualify as a registered nurse in Germany:

  • If they apply for knowledge test and clear the exam.
  • If they attend an adaptation program or internship and complete it successfully.
  • If they attend a registered nurse program in an approved institution in Germany and complete it successfully.

Why German language is important for Indian Nurses

It is necessary that you must have knowledge of the German language if you want to work as a Nurse in Germany because it enables you to interact with local people as they can speak in the German language only. It is necessary that every nurse who applies for the nursing jobs in Germany must require knowledge of the German language.

New-Lyf helps you to learn the German language easily as it provides online German language classes at very affordable fees. The structure of German language course is designed in a simple and efficient manner that makes it easier for you to learn in German language.

You need a B2 level of the German language to begin your recognition process in Germany. You must need to start your German language course as soon as possible from New-Lyf if you want to start working as a Nurse in Germany.

German language is the most important factor to become a registered nurse in Germany. You should have a C1 level of German language and the adaptation program comprises German language class from A1 to C1 level.

Nursing jobs in Germany for Indian nurses

Nursing jobs in Germany are in high demand. There are some requirements that need to be fulfilled if apply for nursing jobs in Germany for Indian nurses and these are:

  • Your qualifications must be recognized in Germany
  • You must have a German language certificate of level B1 or B2
  • All your certificates must be translated into German and notarized
  • You must hold a degree of GNM/B.Sc or Post B.SC Nurses with at least one year experience.
  • You must have health certificate that is issued by a German mentioning your physical and mental fitness to work as a nurse in Germany
  • Police clearance certificate from India

There are lots of opportunities as well as benefits if you work as a nurse in Germany. But it necessary to have knowledge of German language if you want to apply for nursing jobs in Germany. The salary of nurses in Germany also depends on professional experience and German language proficiency.