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Top 10 Medical Universities Russia in 2024

Top Medical Universities Russia

Studying Medicine in Russia: A Comparison of Top Medical Universities Russia has a long tradition of high-quality medical education, and some top medical schools attract international students worldwide. With affordable fees and entrance requirements compared to Western universities, Russian medical universities offer an excellent opportunity for aspiring doctors. In this blog, we compare some of the leading medical universities in Russia.

First Moscow State Medical University: Established in 1758, First Moscow State is Russia's oldest and most prestigious medical school. It is highly ranked for its medicine, dentistry and pharmacy programs. Located in Moscow, the university has modern facilities and a scholarship available for eligible international students.

Key Features:

  • Globally recognized MBBS degree accepted internationally
  • six-year MBBS program in English medium
  • Low cost of living and tuition in Moscow
  • Excellent sports and recreation facilities

Bashkir State Medical University: Located in Bashkortostan, this leading government medical university has a sprawling campus with world-class infrastructure and experienced faculty. Programs are available in English and Russian. It cooperates closely with the Mayo Clinic for exchange programs.

Key Features:

  • Partnership with Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
  • MBBS program across clinical disciplines
  • Active International student life
  • Low cost of living in provincial Russia

Volgograd State Medical University: Founded in 1935, Volgograd State Medical University is located in Volgograd city and is known for its experiential training model. It has exchange programs with universities in Germany, the UK and the USA. English programs are available.

Key Features:

  • Focus on practical knowledge and skills
  • Optional 1-year premedical program
  • Six-year MBBS program with affordable fees
  • Exchange programs in Europe and the USA

Crimea State Medical University: Located in Simferopol city in Crimea, this university offers six-year MBBS programs fully taught in English. It has exchange programs with universities in Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland and other countries. Low cost of living in Crimea.

Key Features:

  • English-taught MBBS programs
  • Emphasis on clinical rotations and practice
  • International exchange programs
  • Attractive location in Crimea

Orel State University: Established in 1931, Orel State University in Orel offers a six-year MBBS program for international students in English medium. It is recognized by WHO, MCI and world medical bodies.

Key Features:

  • WHO and MCI recognized MBBS degree
  • Qualified faculty with academic experience
  • Low fees compared to other countries
  • Vibrant campus life in Orel

Belgorod State University: Located in Belgorod city, this public university was established in 1876. It offers a six-year English-taught MBBS program focused on practical training. It has partnerships with UK, France, Germany, and China universities.

Key Features:

  • One of the oldest universities in Russia
  • World-class research facilities
  • Low tuition fees for International students
  • Vibrant student life in Belgorod

Saint Petersburg State Medical University: Founded in 1897, this premier government medical university in Saint Petersburg offers MBBS programs across disciplines. Known for innovative teaching techniques and research.

Key Features:

  • Oldest Medical school in Saint Petersburg
  • six-year MBBS program in English
  • Focus on experimental learning
  • Exchange programs in Europe and the USA

Kazan State Medical University: Established in 1814, KSMU is one of Russia's pioneers of medical education. It hosts international students from over 60 countries for its English MBBS program across majors.

Key Features:

  • WHO, MCI and USA accreditation·
  • Affordable fees and low cost of living·
  • Opportunities for global exposure·
  • Vibrant student life in Kazan

Orenburg State Medical University: This leading medical school in Orenburg city offers a 6-year MBBS program in English across majors like general medicine, dentistry, and pediatrics.

Key Features:

  • Experienced faculty with global exposure
  • Focus on practical knowledge and skills
  • Scholarship available based on merit
  • Partnerships with European universities

Altai State Medical University: Founded in 1954, Altai State Medical University in picturesque Barnaul city offers a top-ranked MBBS program taught fully in English.

Key Features:

  • WHO and UNESCO recognized
  • Globally accepted MBBS degree
  • Low cost of tuition and living
  • Optional Russian language learning

In summary, Russia boasts numerous top-tier medical schools that provide cost-effective MBBS programs in English that are specifically tailored for international students. These programs feature world-class faculty and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The country delivers exceptional medical education in English at an affordable rate, with renowned institutions such as Moscow State, Bashkir, Volgograd, and Crimea State Medical Universities offering MBBS programs that adhere to global standards.