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10 Secrets about MBBS in Russia that nobody will tell you

  • Russian medical universities focus more on practical teaching: Russian medical universities focus on practical approaches more. The course of MBBS is a mixture of theory and practical.
  • Low cost of living: The cost of living in Russia is very reasonable. The lifestyle is quite good in Europe which is also a great reason for Indian students to pursue MBBS. As there is a high quality of living but the expenses to maintain this living style are affordable.
  • Russian universities have expert faculties: The faculties of Russian universities are highly educated and have excellent in-depth knowledge over the subject matter. The top 10 medical colleges in Russia comprises of all the faculty members that have great experience in the field.
  • No requirement for any donation fee and entrance exam: The students do not need to pay any donation fee or capitation fee. They also do not need to give any entrance exam for taking admission to Russian medical universities/colleges.
  • Russia has common cultural aspects with India: Indian students can comfortably adjust in Russia because both countries have a significant amount of cultural exchange. Pursuing in the Russian medical colleges can prove to be a great decision for Indian students.
  • Get the best facilities: Russian medical colleges equipped with the latest equipment and technology that provide the students to get a high-quality medical education.
  • Earn a recognized degree: The students that earned the MBBS degree from Russia is recognized worldwide because it is approved by UNESCO, WHO, and the European Council of Medicine.
  • MCI and USMLE training: Russian medical colleges also provide MCI and USMLE training to the students pursuing MBBS in Russia so that they can practice medicine in India and the USA respectively.
  • Obtain personal attention: The batch size in Russian medical colleges is quite small that enables the students to get clear their doubts with professors easily.
  • Enjoy Russia: While studying MBBS in Russia, the students would get a chance to experience the culture of Russians. The can explore Russia and enjoy in Russia.
  • Post-Graduation Opportunities : After completing an MBBS in Russia, students have numerous opportunities for further studies or practice, either in Russia, their home country, or other countries globally.
  • Clinical Exposure : Students get extensive clinical exposure from the early years of their course, allowing them to gain hands-on experience in hospitals and clinics.

These insights can help prospective students make an informed decision about pursuing their medical education in Russia.