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AMA Medical College of Philippines

AMA School of Medicine for Indian Students

The medical program at the AMA School of Medicine (AMASOM) is part of the AMA Education System (AMAES).It is located in AMA College Makati, which is ideally situated in the center of Makati City, the financial and business capital of the Philippines, home to the largest concentration of offices for multinational, transnational, and local corporations, as well as for international organizations and embassies. It began operations in the year 2008.

The institute offers admission to MBBS candidates from many different countries. Moreover, English is the primary language of instruction. The NMC has determined that the MD degree at AMASOM is equivalent to the MBBS degree that is similarly offered in the UK, Australia, India, and other Commonwealth nations.

Indian students who complete their MBBS in the Philippines might be granted a license to practice medicine in India after fulfilling the licensing requirements with the NMC/MCI, much as Indian MBBS doctors. To achieve the educational objectives, the scientific curriculum also uses a variety of teaching-learning and evaluation methodologies. AMA medical university Philippines currently has about 1000 Indian students enrolled, demonstrating the school's relevance to international students.

Why AMA Medical University of Philippines?

The MBBS program of the AMA School of Medicine offers its students a high-quality medical education. Take a look at the benefits below for Indian students studying MBBS at the AMA medical university:

  • No entrance exams: This relieves students of the stress associated with preparing for entrance examinations before being admitted to any university.
  • No donations or capitation: AMA medical university Philippines rigorously adhere to the no capitation fee policy.
  • Cost of accommodation is low: Low lodging costs mean that overseas students are not troubled by concerns about costs during their stay.
  • Globally recognized degree: WHO, NMC & many global bodies have recognized the AMA school of medicine.
  • World-class educational facilities: For the comfort of students, cutting-edge amenities, excellent infrastructure, and a constant supply of water and electricity are made accessible.
  • Secure and healthy environment: The nation is safe and favorable for overseas medical and other course students due to its low crime rate and sense of togetherness.
  • High-quality education: The MBBS Program's educational system and course material are of a high caliber.
  • English medium classes: As English is the language of instruction for the MBBS program, language is not a problem for Indian students who do not speak Filipino.

AMA School of Medicine Eligibility Criteria

All applicants seeking AMA school of medicine admission should review and meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant must be between the ages of 17 and 25.
  • All Indian college students applying to the AMA School of Medicine must take the NEET exam.
  • For the open class, applicants must have a 50 percent average in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics; for the reserved class, they must have a 45 percent average.
  • The applicant should hold a four-year bachelor's degree in either the arts or sciences.
  • The applicant must pass the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT)

AMA School of Medicine 2023 Fee Structure

AMA medical university Philippines has a reasonable fee structure for Indian students. The average annual cost for MBBS is Rs. 3 lacs. For detailed AMA school of medicine tuition fees, have a look below:

Particulars BS 1.5 Years MD 1 Year MD 2 Year MD 3 Year MD 4 Year
Tuition Fees in Peso 5,00,000 5,00,000 5,00,000 5,00,000 5,00,000
Tuition Fees in INR 7,50,000 3,75,000 3,75,000 2,25,000 1,50,000

Advantages of Philippines AMA Medical University

  • The education method and all other amenities at AMASOM for Indian students are the same as those for Filipino students because the NMC (National Medical Commission) recognizes MD degrees.
  • Indian students at AMA medical university Philippines will receive a license to practice MBBS even in India once all licensing requirements have been satisfied with NMC, much like MBSS doctors.
  • AMASOM is listed among the top and best medical schools in the Philippines with affordable tuition for Indian students.
  • AMA medical university is the greatest option for students from India who want to study medicine in the Philippines in terms of both low tuition and quality instruction.
  • College has two campuses. Both are located in Cavite and one is in Makati (Manila). It is one of the top and most prestigious medical schools in the Philippines.
  • AMASOM boasts a pool of outstanding professors with top-notch academic credentials and expertise in several subjects.
  • Since the majority of people in the Philippines speak English, all courses are given in that language.
  • They use case studies and a clinically oriented approach to learning.
  • Additionally, AMASOM has partnerships with both public and private hospitals.
  • Given the high percentage of Indian students at AMASOM and the healthy environment, this is the finest location for Indian medical students.

Is NEET required for studying MBBS at AMA Medical University?

All Indian college students applying for the AMA school of medicine admission must take the NEET exam.

Scholarships for MBBS in the Philippines

After successfully completing a one-year BS degree program, the AMA School of Medicine awards three merit-based scholarships to Indian students who are enrolled in MD degree programs. Based on the student's achievement during the first year of the BS degree program, the scholarship pays a specific tuition amount.

How to Apply for MBBS at AMA Medical University?

Below is a step-by-step description of the application procedure for MBBS at the AMA School of Medicine:

  • An online application form must be completed and submitted through the website of the New-Lyf authorized partner. Fill out the MBBS application form that the university provides.
  • Print the application. The form must be signed and a scanned copy sent to the university with the required documents indicated below.
  • Emails including scanned copies of the required documentation must include your intent, "Application for Admission," in the subject line.
  • Only materials submitted before the AMA School of Medicine's application deadline will be accepted. Make sure all documents are filed before the deadline, which is the very last day.
  • Once the university officials have reviewed the files, the student will receive a letter indicating whether or not they have been accepted.
  • Once the candidate has been accepted, the initial fees must be paid in full. The Fee Acknowledgment Letter will then be sent to you.
  • If the application is approved, the candidate must apply right away to a student visa for the Philippines. The invitation letter will be mailed to applicants by the AMA medical university Philippines.

10 reasons to study MBBS in the Philippines

This is the destination to choose if students are looking for economical medical schools in the Philippines. Here are ten good reasons to study medicine in the Philippines.

  1. The universities have cooperative and capable academic staff.
  2. The low student-to-teacher ratio also aids in the student's acquisition of knowledge.
  3. English-language instruction is provided for international medical applicants.
  4. The tuition costs and the cost of living is less expensive.
  5. There is cutting-edge infrastructure. Students are provided with all modern amenities, and even the labs are well-equipped.
  6. Students learn the fundamentals of basic and clinical sciences in classroom settings over the first three years of the program. Students receive the same training in their fourth year, but in an actual clinical environment.
  7. There is no need for donations.
  8. There is a welcoming and secure atmosphere for everybody.
  9. The Medical Council of India (MCI) has acknowledged the MD degree granted by this university as being equivalent to the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees (MBBS).
  10. Following graduation from the AMA School of Medicine, students may sit for a number of licensing examinations, including the USMLE, PLAB, NZREX, NEXT, and others. If successful, these examinations will grant Indian students a license to practice medicine in India and other nations.

USMLE for Indian Students Studying MBBS in the Philippines

One of the most esteemed and challenging medical eligibility tests in the world is the USMLE. To obtain authorization to practice medicine in the United States of America, medical graduates from almost every country take the USMLE. As the curricula in these two nations are comparable, graduates from the Philippines find it simple to pass the USMLE.

USMLE after MBBS in the Philippines

Most Indian students who graduate from AMA medical university Philippines go back to India to practice medicine there. They will get ready for their FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Exam).

They can apply for a medical license to practice medicine in India if they pass the exam. These students can also attempt to pass the USMLE (United States Medical Licensure Examination) when they graduate from the Philippines.

Medical PG in Philippines or USA – Choose the right?

Students studying MBBS in the Philippines will learn practical skills that will help them become ready for the USMLE, often known as the United States Medical Licensing Examination, in accordance with the American curriculum.

The NEXT test is required for students in order to practice in India. The NEET-PG exam must be taken and passed in order to enroll in a postgraduate program in India, while the USMLE is required to enroll in a postgraduate school in the US.