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How to do Medical PG in Germany?

Germany provides a great opportunity to students for pursuing a PG course. It is one of the best places to study Medical PG in Germany because no tuition fees are charged for postgraduate studies and medical PG education in Germany University is the most prestigious among the world’s education system. The total duration of pursuing Post Graduation in Germany is three to four years as depend upon the specialization.

Medical Postgraduate in Germany

After receiving your MBBS, Indian students who wish to pursue graduate-level medical studies in Germany may do so without having to pay tuition. You have the choice to pay low tuition and attend prestigious, well-known universities.

The residential programs offered by the German medical universities give the students a thorough education and real-world experience. Your in-depth training will provide you top-notch experience and knowledge. PG in Germany after MBBS in India, there are certain benefits to pursuing a PG in Germany. They consist of:

  • As Germany is regarded for having a top-notch healthcare system, you will have the chance to receive training in a modern setting with cutting-edge machinery.
  • The majority of German courses are free of tuition. Thus, this makes education practically free.
  • The PG programs in Germany involve on-the-job training, during which the hospital grants you permission to perform medical procedures.
  • Students are also given a monthly stipend by the universities, which can be up to 4500 euros (INR 3,84,761) each month.
  • Your prospects of obtaining a Permanent German Residence grow if you have completed your training and received the designation of "Facharzt" (specialist or consultant).

How to do Medical PG in Germany?

You recently finished your MBBS program, right? Do you intend to complete PG right away? AIPGMEE results are a subject of considerable uncertainty for the majority of Indian students. In India, only 10% of applicants for graduate study get accepted, according to a report. Those who want to enroll in their desired specialization, do not able to do that. You Not to worry about it!! Following MBBS, opt for the PG route in Germany to avoid the fierce competition. All Indian PG aspirants now congregate in Germany, which is a thriving hub. Despite the fact that everyone in India aspires to be a specialty doctor, entrance is competitive.

Indian students can receive a top-notch education while pursuing a medical PG in Germany without paying any tuition. In the global education system, medical PG education in Germany is quite prestigious. Germany's medical schools emphasize practical training heavily. Professors and other academic members receive thorough, comprehensive training. Interesting fact: After training, doctors in Germany are referred to as "Facharzt." It denotes extremely high standards for quality, expertise, and knowledge. You will be prepared after PG in Germany and enjoy a prosperous career!

Is Indian MBBS Valid in Germany!

The basic medical qualification in Germany is not regarded as being equivalent to the MBBS degree from India. For a full license to practice or pursue additional education in Germany, Indian doctors must pass both a language proficiency test and a clinical competency test.

How to do PG in Germany after MBBS in India?

If you already completed your MBBS in India, the road to continuing your education there is straightforward. However, if you have not, you can follow this strategy to enroll in a PG in Germany after MBBS in India:

  • There are various criteria for the country of Germany. Therefore, you should take at least six to seven months off before travelling there.
  • German A1 and A2 levels must be attained.
  • Get a letter of acceptance from a TELC B2 or TELC C1 test that was authorized by the government. Standard B2 and C1 are not accepted.
  • You need to learn up to C1 level German.
  • It is necessary to obtain a German hospital to approve an observership for your PG in Germany. The German Medical Council ought to make this recommendation.
  • The observer-ship is typically for one month, but in rare circumstances, it may be extended to six months.
  • Become registered as a German medical practitioner to go through the "approval system."
  • You need to manage your residence up until your application is granted.

Another Way to Study Postgraduate in Germany

After MBBS, there is just one route to get PG medicine in Germany. Instead of moving from TELC B1 to TELC C1 level using this approach, you can enroll in a 1-year Master's degree in healthcare. You can study German at the TELC C1 level during this process. Due to the fact that you already have more qualifications than other applicants for PG programs in Germany, this method will enhance your profile for any PG program.

How to apply for Medical PG in Germany?

The following factors must be taken into account when applying for medical PG in Germany for Indian students:

  • You must have a solid command of the German language.
  • With a profession like medicine, you need to communicate personally with your patients
  • Since a PG course focuses mostly on teaching you the course's practical components
  • To communicate with the patients, you must learn their language.
  • You need to have at least an A1 or A2 level in fundamental German before applying for the course.
  • Get a submission letter for TELC B2 and TELC C1 from a language study facility after that.
  • A government-approved test is also effective.
  • Following this procedure, you may register for an approbation exam.
  • All of your documents will be checked, and if there are any mistakes, they will be rejected.
  • Also, there are certain interviews for admission.

Medical PG fees in Germany

One just needs to pay a little amount for administration and other fees in order to study in Germany, as nearly 16 public universities in the nation waive all tuition fees for their students.

The typical tuition fees can range between around 30,90,000 INR for postgraduate courses if you choose a private university to study at in Germany because the admissions requirements of public colleges are fairly complicated and difficult.

Stipend for PG Medical Students in Germany

Following MBBS, students in Germany receive on-the-job training as part of their postgraduate degree, during which the hospital grants them permission to perform medical procedures. A monthly stipend of up to 4,500 euros is also provided by medical universities in Germany.

The students will receive the title of a Facharzt (specialist or a consultant) after completing their medical postgraduate studies in Germany. After doing an MD or MS course overseas, people who want to reside in Germany may have a better understanding of the German income structure. In Germany, a doctor with an MD or MS would typically receive a salary from the hospital of Rs. 75 Lacs annually.

Following their MBBS in India, many Indian doctors chose to go to PG school in this way. Indian doctors preferred the MD in Germany program due to its inexpensive cost and assurance of an observership in German hospitals. There are various nursing jobs in Germany for Indian nurses & the best part is getting high salary in this profession.

Pros and Cons of Medical PG in Germany

Here are the pros of studying medical PG in Germany for Indian students:

  • Germany is renowned for its excellent healthcare system.
  • It implies that you will have the chance to receive training in cutting-edge current infrastructure.
  • Germany possesses cutting-edge PG options equipment.
  • Germany does not charge tuition for postgraduate courses.
  • The cost of education becomes cheaper until it costs nothing.
  • On-the-job training is offered by the PG programs in Germany.
  • The hospitals give their blessing for you to undergo medical procedures.
  • The university provides students with a monthly stipend that may be in the range of 4,500 euros.
  • The students receive "Facharzt" after completing the course. It means a specialist or consultant
  • You have a greater chance of being granted permanent German residency.
  • There are five to six years of medical school
  • Indian cuisine is served in universities
  • German PG institutions provide housing options
  • Students are free to explore the city and find new locations.
  • Students are introduced to the local heritage and contemporary culture
  • Also, the students may practice in Germany.

Here are the cons studying medical PG in Germany for Indian students:

  1. German language proficiency is a requirement for Medical PG in Germany.
  2. You must converse with patients during your training. Thus, you should have a basic understanding of German.
  3. Students may become ill as a result of adjusting to new weather conditions.

Is Medical PG from Germany Recognized in India

After passing the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) / National Exit Test, German physicians can obtain a medical license in India (NEXT). Then it might be considered equal to any MBBS graduate. The National Exit Test (NEXT) will take the place of the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE), according to the National Medical Commission (NMC).

Eligibility Criteria for medical PG in Germany

  1. Valid Medical Degree: Candidates should have a medical degree recognized by medical schools in Germany. It often involves a verification process by the German authorities or specific universities to ensure that the degree meets the German standards of medical education.
  2. Language Proficiency: German Language Skills Apart from having an excellent command of German, candidates must prove their proficiency by passing a recognized language test, such as the TestDaF or DSH. This is crucial since most medical PG courses and patient interactions are in German.
  3. Medical Licensing Examination: Before applying for a PG program, international medical graduates must pass the Fachsprachprüfung (medical language test) at the C1 level in German, which assesses the ability to communicate effectively in German.
  4. Clinical Experience: Some specialities might require candidates to have completed a certain amount of clinical training or internships in their home country or Germany.
  5. State Approval/License to Practice: To start a PG program in medicine, candidates usually need to obtain a temporary medical license (Berufserlaubnis) or a full license to practice medicine in Germany (Approbation). This involves thoroughly assessing the candidate’s medical qualifications and language skills.
  6. Visa and Residency Requirements: Non-EU candidates must secure a national visa for study purposes before entering Germany, which can be converted into a residency permit once they arrive in Germany and meet all other conditions set by the immigration authorities.
  7. Fitness to Practice: Applicants must often submit a certificate of health declaring them fit to practice medicine, which sometimes includes a psychological evaluation to ensure the applicant can withstand the high demands of the medical profession.

Required Documents for Post Graduation in Germany

The students need the following documents to study Medical PG in Germany:

  • Original and photocopies of Passport.
  • Original and one photocopy of mark sheets of both 10th & 12th standard.
  • Leaving certificate from the previous studying college.
  • A medical checkup certificate is also essential
  • Passport size photographs
  • Birth certificate and other mandatory certificates must be submitted to the concerned authority.
  • A code of conduct certificate must be submitted.
  • The students must fill the online admission form with their accurate details
  • A bank statement of the guardian should be submitted.
  • Offer letter from the Germany PG university
  • MBBS course degree certificate

Complete process of admission to Medical PG in Germany

Video Interview is conducted with the following process:

  • The students need to state their full name in the interview and passport number
  • Introduce themselves- where they are from, family background and previous studies
  • Indicate why they have selected to study in Germany
  • Where did they get information about the university?
  • Why have they selected this university?
  • Indicate which sphere of studies interests them and why?
  • Have they acquainted themselves with a program description and syllabus of the university website?
  • Verbally confirm their request to register.
  • The video must be recorded horizontally
  • Students’ face must be visible
  • The video must be at least 5 minutes
  • The student is not allowed to read from the paper at the time of the interview
  • High-quality video and audio is compulsory (at least +200MB)

Admission Process of Post Graduation in Germany

  • It is necessary that the students must learn the German language very well
  • A field like medicine requires personal interaction with their patients
  • As the PG course mainly teaches students the practical aspect of the course, it is must to learn the native language to speak to the patients
  • The students must have A1 or A2 level in German basics before they apply for the Post Graduation in Germany
  • They receive a submission letter for TELC B2 and TELC C1 from a language learning center
  • The government also approved test works
  • After this process, they can apply for an Approbation exam
  • All the documents will be verified, and if there are any errors, then it will be canceled
  • There are few viva exams also for admission in the Post Graduation in Germany

Consultancy for Medical PG in Germany

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Germany is one of the best places to pursue PG course in the best universities. Germany PG universities provide PG courses at reasonable cost. Germany PG University has well equipped medical facilities that help the students to enhance their professional skills. It provides the magnificent theoretical as well as practical education which empowers the candidates to become successful practitioners.