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Difference of Studying MBBS in Russia Vs India for Indian Students

Most of the students wish to study MBBS so as to become successful doctor in their filled. Russia and India both are great destinations to study MBBS. A large number of Indian students choose to study MBBS abroad because of intense competition in India and the ever upward spiraling MBBS fees.

Many foreign countries such as Russia offer the best options for Indian students to study MBBS. The students that wish to study MBBS in Russia or MBBS in India can take a look at the detailed analysis of studying MBBS in both the countries and choose for themselves the most viable option.

Differentiate between Universities

MBBS in Russia medical universities

Russia is the foremost preference of medical students to pursue MBBS and become a doctor. Russia medical universities provide high quality education at an affordable fee. Russia holds the 8th position for providing top-class medical education. Russia medical universities are recognized by MCI, WHO, European Council.

Once the students complete MBBS at Russia, they are awarded with medical degree i.e M.D (Physician) which is equivalent to MBBS in India. Russia has around 57 medical universities that taught MBBS is English as well as Russia. The total duration of the MBBS at Russia is 6 years including a 1-year internship.

MBBS in India medical universities

India has mixed economy and diverse culture. The education system in India is firmly and robust structured. In India, there are approx 362 medical institutions that provide MBBS course. Most of the overseas medical students take admission in the top Indian medical universities such as Harvard or Cambridge university. The duration of MBBS in India is 5.5 years including a 1-year paid internship. The affiliation and accreditation of the MBBS in India is done by the MCI and Government Authorities of India.

Every year around six lakhs students apply to MBBS in India medical universities but only few can get admission in the top Indian medical universities. But due to hard completion and limited seats, most of the Indian students choose foreign universities and many choose Russia to study MBBS because of high-quality education at affordable fees.

Cost of Education

The cost of education of MBBS in Russia vs India is as follows:

Particulars Fee structure per year
Russia 19 lakhs to 25 lakhs
India 5 lakhs to 20 lakhs

Advantage for Indian Students

Advantages for Indian students to study MBBS in Russia:

  • The medical degree obtained from Russian Medical Universities is recognized worldwide.
  • Russian Medical Universities also provide training of MCI screening test to the students so that they can easily get registration to practice medicine in India.
  • No requirement to pay any donation fee or capitation fee to take admission to MBBS in Russia.
  • Russian Medical Universities provide MBBS course at affordable fees.
  • No requirement to give any entrance test to seek admission to MBBS in Russian Medical Universities
  • Indian students that study MBBS at Russia also experience different cultures and traditions followed by the Russians.
  • The medical degree provides a great benefit to the students to work practically anywhere in the world because it is recognized by WHO, UNESCO, and the MCI.
  • Indian students also get hostels for accommodation with Indian food in all MCI approved Russian Medical Universities.
  • Russian Medical Universities has advanced teaching techniques with outstanding facilities equipped with top-class infrastructure and advanced laboratories.

Advantages for Indian students to study MBBS in India:

  • Indian medical universities are popular due to their reputation and excellent results.
  • Medical degree obtained from Indian medical universities is considered to be outstanding.
  • MBBS in India is a well-known and renowned degree for the Indian students.
  • Indian medical universities are popular for offering excellent clinical knowledge and expertise.
  • The students who have done MBBS in India can start practicing in India without qualifying any exam.
  • The students that qualify NEET exam with high scores can take admission in Indian Government medical colleges at very low cost.
  • After completing MBBS in India, one can get a job in healthcare and pharmaceutical sector.

Cost of Living

Cost of living in Russia

Russia medical universities provide hostels to students for accommodation at affordable cost. The students also have the option to choose lodges, inns, home stay, or so. The students can choose lodging or off grounds staying. The initial cost of the inn is approx $30 to $100 per month and off grounds staying is a little bit expensive that costs $150 to $400 per month.

Cost of living in India

India is quite cheap compared to many other countries. The cost of living in India depends on the place the students live in India which is around 5000 to 15000 per month. It may result in a higher amount or a lower amount depending on the expense. Many Indian medical universities also provide hostel facilities to the students at very reasonable cost.

PG in Russia vs India

Following are the PG options after completing MBBS in Russia:

  • After completing MBBS at Russia, the students can pursue PG courses of their own choices.
  • They also have the option to take admission to PG course in Russia followed by the MBBS.
  • They can choose any Indian medical colleges to do PG course but they need to qualify the MCI screening test.

Following are the PG options after completing MBBS in India

  • The students can opt for MD/ MS/Diploma after completing MBBS in India.
  • They can get post-graduation in several specialties such as internal medicine, general surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, and many more.
  • The popularly known and conducted tests are the NEET entrance exam, PGIMER, JIPMER PG, and AIIMS PG. MD/MS is a 3-year degree course and the diploma is a 2-year program.

Scope After MBBS in Russia or India

Scope after MBBS in Russia

  • The candidates can choose to live in Russia and practice MBBS
  • They can pursue PG courses in any country
  • They can prepare for USMLE (USA) and PLAB
  • After qualifying the MCI screening test, they practice medicine in India.

Scope after MBBS in India

  • The candidates obtain higher salary package in both private and public sectors.
  • They can establish their own healthcare clinic at the starting of career.
  • They can get job in various sectors such as biomedical companies, healthcare sector, research institutes, laboratories, medical colleges.
  • Indian doctors are in high demand in foreign countries with attractive salary package.

Studying MBBS in Russia or India is Worth it or Not

Russia is one of the preferable destinations among medical students to take admission to MBBS course because it provides the top-class facilities. Every year, around 10,000 international students take admission in Russian Medical Universities to pursue medicine. Russian Medical Universities fee is quite reasonable than the private medical colleges of India. The medium of coaching in Russia medical universities/colleges is now English.

India is a significant choice for undergraduates to study MBBS. MBBS in India has the highest-ranked in course of training and research programs. The students need to clear the NEET Entrance Exam for applying MBBS in India. The students who are seeking MBBS in India would get NOC after clearing the entrance exam. MBBS in India is the best option for health practitioners who want to be either physicians or surgeons. After completing the MBBS in India, the degree awarded is Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery.


We have provided detailed information regarding MBBS in Russia and MBBS in India. The students can choose any country as per their interest and budget. After completing MBBS at Russia, the students need to qualify MCI screening test to practice medicine in India but there are no rules and regulations to qualify any exam in case of MBBS in India.